Friday Buffet

I’d be more excited about freezers that can detect expiration dates if those dates meant anything! With perishables, date labels speak to quality not safety. And they are basically meaningless for frozen food.

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Want some fraud with that food waste? Then talk to these two Edmonds, Wash., food service workers.

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World Environment Day is having a ripple effect on food waste awareness. To wit: In the Philippines, the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources has “called on the public to be more vigilant on the food they are eating and wasting.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zadari urged his nation not to waste food.

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I’m not sure I fully understand the NAMASTE project, but it seems like it converts fruit and cereals into both beverages and animal feed. And I’m certain that they view waste as a wasted opportunity.

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Finally, as a follow-up to Wednesday’s post on the Clean Plate Campaign in China, here’s the latest on that initiative.

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