Friday Buffet

During a recent panel on food waste, the California Board of Food and Agriculture announced a goal to double the amount of produce donated to the California Association of Food Banks’ Farm to Family program by 2015. That’s exciting because it will mean more nutritious foods going to those in need. And wasted food takes on added significance in California, given the state’s massive farm output and mounting food insecurity.

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U.S. News & World Report has these five strategies for reducing household waste and saving money.

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Students at Nanyang Technological University,  just launched makan mantra, a campaign to increase awareness and combat food waste in Singapore. My favorite mantra: “Don’t Shy Shy,” aimed at countering the embarrassment that prevents diners from taking home restaurant leftovers.

This new campaign will augment the fabulous Save Food Cut Waste site.

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As part of the Beyond the Classroom initiative, Kansas State students learned more about their trash, including their food waste.

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Finally, there’s going to be a documentary on the college-based Food Recovery Network? Can’t wait!

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