Let’s Get to Work!

And so there will be another four years for President Obama. Last night’s results are unlikely to impact food waste, but it is worth noting that the Obama Administration has been friendly to the sustainable food movement.

Sure, most of that support has been symbolic, emanating from the White House Garden (that you can visit!). But that symbolism is meaningful, if intangible. And there has been some tangible change, through school lunch reform. And they have endorsed my friend Gary Oppenheimer’s AmpleHarvest.org.

Now. In the next four years, let’s hope the administration has a bigger appetite for encouraging the sustainable food movement in general and food waste reduction in particular. With reelection not an issue, why not target food waste?

Even thinking politically, as we’ve all learned to do in the last two months or years, it’s an easy win. After all, nobody is pro-food waste. It’s not just bipartisan, it’s unpartisan!

Even for Conservatives: what’s more conservative than conserving our resources by making better use of the food we have? In the U.S., we don’t eat 40 percent of the food we produce. Given that, isn’t it time that we–all Americans and especially all elected officials, focused on food waste!

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