Friday Buffet

A Washington supermarket has an on-site contraption that converts food waste into liquid fertilizer. Organics alchemy, in action!
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The 42 million pounds of food that Forgotten Harvest will recover this year is…a lot. The most, actually.

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Piles of Indian wheat rotting by the side of the road? What a shame; what a disaster.

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On Wednesday, I posted a picture of a mysterious bit of produce. Some people guessed correctly that it was…a carrot! But a weird one at that.

It was actually a volunteer carrot that soldiered through the winter. I found it in the one neglected raised bed in my yard, the plant miraculously poking through a hole in a planter, which had apparently provided shelter from the freezing temperatures.

But honestly–it tasted really good! I had some raw and some mixed into an Asian stir-fry.
Now, the turnip that wintered in the same raised bed…that was less tasty. Some more pics, of the most mutated carrot I’ve ever seen.

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