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Kitchen Reading: Wildly Affordable Organic

With Wildly Affordable Organic, author Linda Watson communicates that organic/sustainable isn’t necessarily synonymous with expensive when it comes to food. As the subtitle puts it: Eat Fabulous Food, Get Healthy, and Save the Planet. Hard to argue with that. WAO carves out a neat niche in the crowded cookbook world. That’s partly because it is a […]

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Friday Buffet

Despite having a bit of a hangover from yesterday’s Paperback Party, I wouldn’t want to leave your Friday Buffetless. Here goes: — — You know composting is spreading when you see a federal prison in Texas puts out an RFP for food waste removal. — — Just so we’re clear–pythons should not be composted. And […]

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Paperback Party

Hey there! Come on in–make yourself at home. Help yourself to a drink and there’s food over there. Just don’t take more than you’ll eat! You know…because it’s a party for a book about…yeah, you know. — This day is a happy one–celebrating the release of American Wasteland in paperback. Or as I like to […]

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