Friday Buffet

Despite having a bit of a hangover from yesterday’s Paperback Party, I wouldn’t want to leave your Friday Buffetless. Here goes:
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You know composting is spreading when you see a federal prison in Texas puts out an RFP for food waste removal.

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Just so we’re clear–pythons should not be composted. And you probably should try to avoid having to compost a snake.

But I have to say: the person who left that python in a compost bin may have been a crappy pet owner, but at least they went for the environmentally friendly green bin instead of using the nearest dumpster.

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A tale of non-cold chain woe from northern India, made even more disheartening by the rampant hunger. The Forbes article features this stunner:

[India] loses an estimated 40 percent of its fruit and vegetables to rot because of a lack of refrigerated trucking, poor roads, inclement weather and corruption.

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