Paperback Party

Hey there! Come on in–make yourself at home.

Help yourself to a drink and there’s food over there. Just don’t take more than you’ll eat! You know…because it’s a party for a book about…yeah, you know.

This day is a happy one–celebrating the release of American Wasteland in paperback. Or as I like to call it, $10 book day.

Aside from the new cover, the book’s interior is entirely the same, with one exception: the new appendix of food- and money-saving tips. So that’s not any real reason for celebration.

More than anything, it’s a banner day because I’m thinking of it as the first birthday of American Wasteland. Hopefully, the book’s publishing last fall brought new attention to food waste. I know it took me to some fascinating places.

So with that in mind–have some birthday cake…I’ve cut slices of all sizes because, well, you know…

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