It Can’t Hurt to Ask

A new effort by a San Francisco neighborhood group has diverted thousands of tons of fresh, local food from the compost pile to the mouths of many. How? Simply by asking.

The Wigg Party, a community group based in the neighborhoods around a bike route called The Wiggles The Wiggle, recently began rescuing foods from local growers by inquiring toward the end of farmer’s markets whether they had any food they planned to compost.

Similar efforts occur at farmer’s markets around the country. Where it gets a bit Bay Area funky is when the volunteers hold a Fresh Produce Free-For-All the next day to distribute their food to…anyone.

It’s a great idea and I love the name. I am curious about just who shows up to claim this free food at Hayes Valley Farm, an awesome, community-run urban farm carved from a former freeway exit.

There are some interesting discussions to be had on the intended and actual attendees of these free-for-alls. But we’ll save that for another time. No matter who ends up with this rescued food, the neat thing is that someone does.

(image courtesy of The Wigg Party)

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