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Friday Buffet

File under ‘rising tide of food waste coverage:’ National Geographic ran this neat piece on how cities manage to compost their abundant food waste. — — Three Hawaiian universities have signed on to fight food waste. Hawaiian food waste takes on a heightened importance, as that food has probably been imported and it’ll likely be exported, […]

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I biked past a church pumpkin patch yesterday and was surprised to see a relatively stocked supply, despite the day-after timing. That got me thinking about our pumpkins’ fates. Pumpkins are the most wasted food in homes (by weight), as detailed in a soon-to-be published study that shall remain nameless. Yet, I can’t get too […]

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It Can’t Hurt to Ask

A new effort by a San Francisco neighborhood group has diverted thousands of tons of fresh, local food from the compost pile to the mouths of many. How? Simply by asking. The Wigg Party, a community group based in the neighborhoods around a bike route called The Wiggles The Wiggle, recently began rescuing foods from […]

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Friday Buffet

A late addition to the steam table: New York’s Dept. of Ag says it’s okay to change the sell-by date on food. The rule itself isn’t terrible, considering the sell-by date is aimed at stores. But it seems like a bad idea in that it could lead to abuse. — — A year into San Francisco’s mandatory […]

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