Friday Buffet

Give out of date food to the homeless, UK Environment Secretary Hilary Benn told supermarkets. He singled out food redistribution charity FareShare as part of the solution. There’s only one problem–FareShare doesn’t really collect surplus food. They receive it. The next Briton to start a nationwide food recovery group will be the first.

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Wasting chowder bread bowls?! But that’s the best part! (Despite hailing from Mass., I’m not a huge chowdah fan. But I am a fan of this soup-centric scene.)

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After a suspenseful build-up, UK retailer Tesco will launch its Buy One Get One Free-Later promotion next week. Shoppers will have the choice of taking their free item at the time of purchase or receiving a voucher to get it later. I’ve been told the delay in implementation was due to making changes to the checkout software at the tills/registers.

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USA Today is on the case with Grease…er, make that…grease!

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A new Minnesota location of the Texas Roadhouse chain will give away smokey meats and other treats to those in need before opening to the public. Sure, it’s a showy move intended to garner mentions like this. But the manager admitted as much and the end result is just as useful.

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