Your Thoughts, Please

Next week, I’m headed to the World Association of Chefs Societies‘ 2010 get together in Santiago, Chile. While there, I’ll be giving a talk on restaurant food waste.

I’m now putting together my slides and wanted to pose a question in the hope of making my presentation as inclusive as can be: What ways do you see restaurants prompting waste? And what ways have you noticed them reducing or avoiding waste?Santiago. Photo by Kyle Simourd via creative commons

I’m interested in particular restaurants’ strategies, but feel free to interpret the question as you see fit. If you don’t mind, please be as specific as possible–giving credit where it’s due and vice versa.

Anyway, my session takes place on Tuesday, but I’ll be there for most of the week. I’m looking forward to meeting some chefs, hearing other perspectives on the topic and experiencing some other events on the program. For example, the Wine Marathon, which is oddly scheduled for a scant 90 minutes, sounds interesting

I’ll keep you posted on that one if you share your insights on eating out. Deal? Deal.

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