Radio Noir–the Food Recovery Edition

In case you missed this weekend’s A Prairie Home Companion, the Guy Noir segment (at around the 16 minute mark of the show) was a cracker. And best of all, it centered on food recovery.

Martin Sheen plays Louie Louie, who runs a food salvage business by snagging diners remains from fancy fund-raising dinners. He employs Guy Noir to rescue the uneaten food from these fancy affairs.

At one point there’s talk of taking a snoozing Bill Clinton’s dinner roll, Nora Jones sings the on-hold music and…you know what? I think it’s probably best if you just listen to it. Or you can read the script.

The segment even refers to the St. Andrews Society–not to be confused with the Society of St. Andrew–whose fund-raiser will serve haggis that Louie plans to make into sausage (since nobody’s going to eat it). “A dark night in the city that knows how to keep its secrets,” indeed.

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