Monday Buffet

Since the buffet was closed on Friday and I had a few things I wanted to pass along, how about an ever-so-rare Monday Buffet? Here goes:

Wednesday’s Feeding the 5000 event prompted a nice editorial (not an op-ed!) in The Guardian about reducing food waste. While it’s not a surprise to see the liberal-ish paper take an anti-waste stance, it’s nice to see them recognize the climate implications of food waste.

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It’s not my backyard, but…seems a bit odd that a Wisconsin town would turn up its nose at the idea of turning a duck slaughter/packing house into a food waste-to-energy plant. Considering the site was 200+ acres and anaerobic digestion happens in enclosed vessels, I don’t see why Yorkville, Wisc., would reject the project.

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I linked to the neat City Harvest “Apples” PSA on Friday, but here’s a little video on its making. It’s a fun two minutes, with a nice beat, too.

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Finally, I like thispiece on food date labels in the UK, but I really like the infographic.

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