Friday Buffet

Here’s an article from the newspaper at Iowa’s Luther College, giving the student response to traylessness. The piece was fueled largely by the Facebook group “Caf Trays will destroy the planet!!!! Really?????,” which prompted a letter to the editor complaining about a lack of by avlxyz (via Flickr)
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Food recovery in the holy land. Hallelujah!

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Fallen Fruit is a cool site that helps L.A. residents collect fruit from residential trees. I particularly like their manifesto and maps.

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Legislative Watch: California State Sen. Jenny Oropeza, D-Long Beach, introduced Senate Bill 1443 that would enable party hosts to contractually obligate hotels and caterers to donate excess food. The bill is set for an April 29 hearing.

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New York City’s Hearst Tower aims to send 95 percent of its food waste to a compost facility. That’s an ambitious plan, but Hearst seems committed to “being green.” It’s encouraging to see more and more U.S. companies “get it.”

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