Bottomless Waste

Our friends at Chili’s have found a new way to encourage food waste: The Bottomless Express Lunch.

Not content with over-sized portions, Chili’s is pushingphoto by Julep67 (via Flickr) waste–and no doubt waistlines–to new levels with this new promotion. The price and use of the word ‘bottomless’ will likely compel customers to eat to “get their money’s worth.” That means many half-eaten bowls of seconds being thrown away.

Nutrition-wise, don’t think you’re in the clear just because the meal only consists of a soup, salad and chips. It’s still Chili’s, home of the 1000-calorie Caesar Salad and the sodium-allowance-doubling Buffalo Chicken Salad.

Finally, how express can a bottomless lunch be and vice versa? From what I read, you’re given the food immediately upon ordering. All the better to begin consuming, “all you care to eat,” as the food industry folks put it.

Just keep in mind that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to notice it’s full and send that message to your brain. Hopefully that’s not right after you’ve asked for a second or third bowl.

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