Friday Buffet

Perhaps common sense isn’t dead in Washington. The USDA may curtail its record-setting beef recall to reduce some of the needless waste discussed here Tuesday.
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Last week, I linked to a British report entitled Green, Healthy and Fair. Here’s a shorter piece (by 109 pages) on food waste in Britain. Most interesting: a poll found that 90 percent of respondents described the amount they threw away as “some, a little, hardly any or none.”photo by laffy4k via flickr

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Tossing perfectly good ice cream, now that should be a crime. Peanut allergies are no joke, but if I don’t have one, why do I have to throw out my chocolate ice cream, as the article advises?

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UK public/private partnership Envirowise paraded a giant waste bin through the London streets Thursday to get residents to ponder their volume of trash, including food waste. Wonder what they’ll do with the big bin when they’re done?

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Seattle’s household food recycling plans are coming along. By April, 2009, Seattelites (not to be confused with satellites) will be able to compost all of their food waste, which should halve the 45,000 tons landfilled annually.

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