The Oscars make me Grouchy

The Academy Awards, in keeping with the de rigeur environmentalism, put out this laundry list of green achievements. While I didn’t see any stretched Prius limos lining up the red carpet…

Transportation offered by the Academy to presenters and staff included zero-emission hydrogen (25% of vehicles) and hybrid (60%) vehicles

Of the food-related bullet-points, most detailed how the telecast oscar the grouch cake by abielskas (via flickr)used compostable cutlery or reusable linen napkins and china plates. Pardon my French, but whoopdee damn doo (I told you I was grouchy).

The Academy did enable food recovery at ancillary events like the Nominees Announcements and Governor’s Ball (via Angel Harvest), but not at the Kodak Theatre or many of the other events.

Academy members, this is ‘No Country’ for half-measures. While you’ve made serious strides (carbon offsets–check.), you’re telling me that you can’t donate the unserved food from the pre-show lunch and backstage spreads? Next year I expect some ‘Atonement.’

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