Friday Buffet

I haven’t tried Green Bags yet, but the produce preserving plastic bags’ Web site sure makes an annoying a convincing case. Reviews of the product are mostly positive. 

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Looking for a fresh start in 2008? One idea is to clean out the fridge by making some simple meals with its contents. Seattle blogger Jack, of the Fifth Flavor, provides inspiration for a few ad hoc leftover meals

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In writing against an argument that evolutionary psychology makes us want bigger houses, this interesting economist’s post discusses prehistoric food waste–a first here at Wasted Food!

Hunters and gatherers can store only a small amount of food. Since they are nomadic, what they can store is limited to the amount they can carry…If they keep hunting and gathering after they have enough food, the extra food they get will go to waste…courtesy of (via flickr)

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An innovative Italian engineer has created paper from apple waste, providing a secondary use for peels and apple processing excess. No word yet on whether students can use this “Cartamela” to win their teacher’s favor.

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