Wasted Gifts

NatureMillHappy in-between-Christmas-and-New Year’s! I hope you’re enjoying the piles of leftovers and recycling the piles of cardboard.

It’s never too early to start next year’s Christmas list. I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this NatureMill indoor composting unit until now. But since it sells for $300 ($400 if you want it to compost pet poop along with food waste), at least we all have a year to start saving…

the Frisper Freshkeeper in actionAlso noteworthy for next year’s list is the Frisper Freshkeeper, which keeps meat, seafood, etc. fresh by sealing them in a bag and sucking out the air. The Frisper folks were nice enough to send me a unit, and I’ll post a report on the vacuum sealer as soon as I fully test it (I’ve just done veggies so far).

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