Merry Christmas, etc.

If t’is the season for you to be jolly–Merry Christmas! Just a quick reminder: Try to divvy up that Christmas goose or whatever you’re currently roasting. Sending guests home with leftovers ensures that the season of giving keeps giving (and that you don’t end up giving food to your trash). 

courtesy of massdistraction (via flickr)If, like some lucky folks I know, you’re out for Chinese and a movie today, here’s one bit of advice: Make it movie and then Chinese. That way, you can head home with your leftovers, which seem to be mandatory with Chinese food.

Then again, depending on where you live, the cold car in a movie theater parking lot may just suffice (if the temperature in the car is under 40).* While your ride will likely retain that sweet and sour aroma for a few days, think of how good tomorrow’s lunch will taste!

Of course…you can avoid the scent and be sure the food will be cold enough by leaving the containers under the car. Remembering the Peking Ravioli before you run them over, however, is easier said than done.


* Wasted Food does not guarantee the suitability of your vehicle as a substitute refrigerator. It does, however, wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a Delightful Dim Sum.

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