Friday Buffet: Christmas Edition

Here’s some food for thought when you’re out shopping for your Christmas meal or New Year’s bash: UK food waste increases by 80 percent during the Christmas and New Year’s period.

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This article provides some all-purpose green tips for the red and green season. The food-related advice is similar to that given on Thanksgiving–send guests home with leftovers. Then again, not cooking for twice the amount of people attending helps, too. 

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As is often the case this time of year, food banks are on folks’ minds. Most facilities are flush with volunteers, eager to spread the holiday cheer. If you’re trying to volunteer in the next week, you may be turned away. That won’t be the case in, say, February.  

While some folks dislike the very concept of food banks, they serve a real need in most communities, as in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and many are experiencing food shortages. While your time may not be of much use now, food and money are always welcomed.

Regardless of your take on food banks, there are hungry people out there who need help. However you want to do it, try to help those less fortunate. For those unsure how, here’s one option:

When you start your Amazon purchase from here or the box in the sidebar, 4 percent of the purchase amount comes to the Wasted Food HQ. I’ll match the amount received from now through January 1 and write a check to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, a local food recovery organization.

Find that last minute present or maybe just buy something for yourself. What could be better than to give by giving!

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