Big Apple

No I’m not writing about the new iPhone (Although my tech people tell me that by including that word I may attract traffic). The Apple I’m talking about is the little hamlet called New York City.  

I’m headed to the Big Apple to observe a few food recovery operations. Thursday and Friday nights I’ll see how Rock and Wrap it Up! collects excess food from stadium events. I’ll attend a Mets game at Shea Stadium and then a Bob Dylan show at Jones Beach Theater.

I’m curious to see how the collection works and how much concession food is prepared but not sold. It will also be interesting to see how much food remains after a post-concert, backstage buffet.

Between those events, I’m making a food recovery run with City Harvest. Started in 1982, it is the oldest food recovery operation in the country. I’ll be tagging along on the Upper West Side route. Fancy.

I’ll have a report early next week…

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