Wasting in Hell

One wasted food topic gaining steam on the blog charts is the squandering on the Fox show “Hell’s Kitchen.” The show has celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay runs 12 would-be restaurateurs through a Survivor-like wringer to find the chef who’ll run a Las Vegas restaurant. 

TV-centric bloggers have noted the waste in an episode recap. Others recapped the ‘no waste lesson’ Ramsay gave his charges in week one. Apparently, that lesson didn’t take, as host and contestant continue to squander plenty of food.

The more culturally oriented, have commented outright on the waste:

I’ve been obsessing lately about all the Beef Wellingtons that get wasted on Hell’s Kitchen (Fox)…It’s criminal how many Beef Wellingtons have been sacrificed in the name of entertainment. 

With the chatter so loud, I had to check out Hell’s Kitchen recently. I didn’t last long because the show’s so unwatchable, like “American Idol” but with just one surly judge (what’s up with Americans’ fascination with getting reamed by a salty Brit?). Yet, I stuck around long enough to see Gordo crush an “undercooked” scallop into one chef’s chest. Lovely.

I was going to suggest that America’s Second Harvest make a media savvy play to be the official food recovery agency of “Hell’s Kitchen,” but there’s no recovering smushed scallops or burned Beef Wellingtons. Maybe that’s how the show got its name.

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