Attractive Magnet

A few weeks back, I wrote about a mysterious magnet that preserves food. Well, Richard Chua, President of the magnet’s manufacturer (ESMo Technologies), read that post and graciously offered to send me a sample.

The package arrived late last week and I’ll begin testing its powers as soon as I think of a scientifically appropriate experiment. In the meantime, it makes one heck of a refrigerator magnet. I like to think that the entire contents of my fridge is benefitting.

In other household food preservation news, a British student has designed a new sticker to indicate freshness. I’m unclear on whether the sticker reacts to the storage conditions or is just a visual “use-by” date. Then again, they’re not actually in use yet. At the very least, it has a sunny appearance.

                       img_1301.JPG          img_1304.JPG 

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