One word: Magnets

I’m not sure what to make of this but thought I’d pass it along. A Singaporean company called ESMo Technologies, claims to have developed a food preserving magnet

In a supermarket test, the EsmoSphere supposedly increased meat’s shelf life by as much as 50 percent. Don’t believe it? Then you won’t be swayed by the company’s own photo case studies.

You can peruse the EsmoSphere user manual online, but here’s the lowdown:

…the magnet emits a dome-shaped magnetic field that strengthens the bonds between water molecules in the food. With stronger bonds, water loss is reduced, so raw meat which is placed within the EsmoSphere’s protection zone does not become dehydrated. The EsmoSphere’s magnetism also delays bacterial growth and slows down oxidation, which causes discoloration.

Now you might convince me that magnets preserve food. But I’m skeptical of EsmoTech’s Instant Wine Enhancing Coaster, which supposedly lets your wine breathe by quickening the slow aging process. Hmm…Is it really possible to speed slow aging? 

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