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Lovin’ It

When I was first doing the calculations about the volume of food America wasted every day–the stuff that would eventually become the first sentence of my book–I couldn’t imagine that that Rose Bowl image would end up in one of those cool whiteboard animation projects. Well, it has: More importantly, the video highlights the wonderful work […]

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One Word: Paperback

Two more words: New cover The book comes out Sept. 1 and, as always, you can preorder…

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Batali Beckons

Two quick personal notes today: Last year, I was on a panel with a mover and shaker in the Mario Batali empire. After kicking around the idea for a while, I can now say that this July I’ll be giving a few talks to the staff at Mario’s restaurants in L.A. and Las Vegas. I’m […]

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Out-and-out self-promotion

Sorry for the shamelessness I don’t feel too bad about shamelessly sharing these two bits of info. This won’t be new to those of you who follow my Twitter feed or this site’s Facebook page.  (more shamelessness–likely too much) Anyway, my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon. In addition to being really, really […]

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