Out-and-out self-promotion

Sorry for the shamelessness I don’t feel too bad about shamelessly sharing these two bits of info. This won’t be new to those of you who follow my Twitter feed or this site’s Facebook page.¬† (more shamelessness–likely too much)

Anyway, my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon. In addition to being really, really heartening, it’s proof that American Wasteland will actually be a tangible thing one day (most likely in September).

In addition, I recently took part in this Mother Jones forum on how food affects the environment. The panelists–including Jonathan Safran Foer, Anna Lapp√© and Joel Salatin–were asked this question: Is vegetarianism always better for the planet than eating meat?

My take? You’ll just have to click over there to see. While you’re at that page, you may want to join in the healthy conversation happening there.

— —

P.S. The book cover is likely to change a bit, but the general concept will likely stay the same.

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