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Friday Buffet

It’s heartening to see Congress fight hunger and obesity while supporting local foods (even if it’s sad that it took them this long). All good news, right? Well… About half of the $4.5 billion cost is financed by a cut in food stamps starting in several years. In your best Jon Stewart voice: Wha-wha-what?!? So […]

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California Dreamin’

Because there are so few legislative effort to reduce food waste, any activity on that front jumps to the front of my radar. On that note, there’s news from the California Senate. The Feed the Hungry Bill, a.k.a. SB 35, passed a key committee vote yesterday. That means it’s that much closer to becoming law. […]

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Friday Buffet

Things are looking grim for a potential California bill that would allow catering customers to demand that their excess food be donated. After having her bill rebuffed last year, State Sen. Jenny Oropeza has decided to take a slow steady approach this year. It seems like a victory for the loose coalition of intertia, fear […]

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Legislating Donation, Take Two

California State Senator Jenny Oropeza, with her heart of oro, is at it again. Yesterday, the Long Beach Democrat reintroduced a bill that would facilitate food donation from caterered events. A similar bill from last session didn’t pass, largely due to restaurant industry objections. Senate Bill 35 picks up where that one left off, but […]

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Sunday Smorgasbord

I’ve always liked college, I have a soft spot for Mississippi and I love gleaning. Put that all together and you have Mississippi State gleaning watermelon. — — I’m sad to report that the California bill that would have made food donation easier at catered events is dead for the year. The office of State […]

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California Bill

If you happen to be in Los Angeles today around lunchtime, there’s a press conference at a Venice soup kitchen to promote a pending California bill that would enable increased food donation. Senate Bill 1443 would allow catering customers to decide what to do with their leftovers–donate it to those in need or take it […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an article from the newspaper at Iowa’s Luther College, giving the student response to traylessness. The piece was fueled largely by the Facebook group “Caf Trays will destroy the planet!!!! Really?????,” which prompted a letter to the editor complaining about a lack of balance. — — Food recovery in the holy land. Hallelujah! — […]

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