Friday Buffet

While the UK leads the way in waste reduction, they lag in food recovery. A certain Member of Parliament is out to change that. Kerry McCarthy hopes to introduce legislation requiring supermarkets to donate surplus food, rewarding other businesses for donating food and establishing a US-style Good Samaritan Act.

And it being 2012, here’s the text of McCarthy’s speech to Parliament on her blog.

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I found this piece pretty comprehensive: Clean Your Plate, Save the Planet.

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Bread is the most commonly wasted food in Britain, according to the BBC. What’s America’s most wasted food? This study didn’t look at bread, but of veggies, fruit and meat, mustard greens are the most squandered supermarket food, with a scandalous 66 percent wasted. Even worse news–veal is the most wasted meat. Sad.

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Finally, I’ll be headed to Rome next week to do some consulting work with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. I’ll try to keep up a regular post schedule, but no promises…

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