Diving In

CNN just ran this in-depth piece on the just-released documentary Dive! It includes some new commentary from director/dumpster-diver-in-chief Jeremy Seifert.

A large chunk of the film centers on Trader Joe’s food tossing and Seifert’s crew’s reclamation of those perfectly edible, gourmet items. That led to a Change.org petition telling Trader Joe’s to stop wasting food.

In the CNN piece, Seifert explains further his focus on Trader Joe’s:

“Trader Joe’s are doing a pretty damn good job, and doing a lot better job than a lot of other stores,” he said.

“This is like a family quarrel. I like Trader Joe’s. I shop there. I Dumpster dive there. And I want them to do better. So I’m not really trying to go after them or harshly criticize them, I just want them to do better.”

Seifert thinks Trader Joe’s is squandering a chance to be a leader in the zero waste movement. I have to agree. Even worse is the chain’s silence on the matter of this film and the petition. The quote in the CNN article was the first response I’d heard.

Seems like the perfect opportunity for TJ’s to create a bold new zero waste plan, just as…Walmart has done (with no pesky documentary prompting them). We shall see…

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Programming Note: I will be giving away three copies of Dive! next week, so stay tuned.

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