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Sodexo Steps Up

Today I’m cross-posting on Sodexo’s A Better Tomorrow blog. The food service provider is taking a stand against food waste with their Stop Wasting Food campaign ( If you can, pass along the word about this campaign, via Twitter, Facebook or your social media venue of choice. It’d be really exciting to see it gain […]

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Back to School Waste

As many of you are gearing up for another school year, it’s worth considering that complicated topic–school food waste. School lunch produces its share of waste, from the untouched apples to milk cartons lining the trash. But school breakfast isn’t much different. In fact, it can be worse. But it doesn’t have to be that […]

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Friday Buffet

Love it! The U.S. Open is composting this year. The tennis tournament has bins throughout its grounds. — — Well then–a big food fight in Nevada. Because what’s more authentic than La Tomatina in…Reno?┬áThe tomato-tossing war cost $10 to enter, which went to cancer research. That’s hard to argue with. But…there are many ways to […]

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Book Time: Empires of Food

A mutual friend put me in touch with Evan Fraser, co-author of Empires of Food, and I’m really glad that she did. Fraser sent a copy of the recently published book and I’ve been steadily enjoying it. And I’m not alone there. To be honest, when I saw the subtitle “Feast, Famine, and the Rise […]

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