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Friday Buffet

I’ve seen refrigerator makers leverage keeping foods fresher, longer, but I’ve never seen such an overt discussion of how a fridge avoids waste (and saves bushels of cash!). — — Wait, there’s a composting operation in Las Vegas?! Things are looking up. Then again…A1 organics is generating complaints from neighbors (who moved into homes in […]

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It Can’t Hurt to Ask

A new effort by a San Francisco neighborhood group has diverted thousands of tons of fresh, local food from the compost pile to the mouths of many. How? Simply by asking. The Wigg Party, a community group based in the neighborhoods around a bike route called The Wiggles The Wiggle, recently began rescuing foods from […]

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Walk, Bike, or Compost?

Oh to have the problems of Palo Alto! The stately California town faces this conundrum: Turn a soon-to-be closed landfill into a park or an anaerobic digestion plant. The city had earmarked the land to be used as a park when the landfill closes in the next two years. For the waste-t0-energy facility to happen, […]

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