Wrapping Up 2009

Lost in my post-Christmas haze was National Leftovers Day in Australia. It makes plenty of sense, given the usual Christmas dinner abundance. And rest assured the Kiwis are onto the idea, too (in a Dec. 30 article I’m writing about on Dec. 29–a clear example of my soothsaying prowess).

In the U.S., we have the Friday after Thanksgiving for the same unofficial holiday. But don’t be fooled–it definitely was not made official by President Obama. Regardless, given how much holiday waste of all kinds we create, we may as well try to reuse at least some of it. (Gift bags would be another suggestion).

photo by Optical Illusion via Creative CommonsThe last item of 2009 comes from our friends at BioCycle. As we all look back at the year (and perhaps a decade), the magazine provides a great roundup of where we stand with US food waste collection. The article lends a nice sense of who’s leading the way and, by the relatively few examples, how far we have to go.

Onwards and upwards!


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