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Friday Buffet

Sky Vegetables–where do I invest? While they don’t have a roof-top garden operating yet, part of their plan is to compost and use food scraps from the building on which the garden sits.  — — Some folks in Vermont are hoping to show why it’s called the Green Mountain State, as they’re looking into creating energy from food waste, via anaerobic digestion […]

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Flying the Wasteful Skies

Ruggero Da Ros wrote me recently with a link to his article, in Italian on airline food waste. Since he was kind enough to provide the translation, I thought I’d post it here. In addition to raising the interesting topic of airborne food waste, it’s a nice memento of the days when American airlines served […]

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Wasted Food at the Movies

I’m torn here. Whip It looks like a pretty good flick and I’d probably go see it (if I had any time to see movies). Then again, it contains this horrible food fight. Not surprisingly, I don’t love a food fight (in theory or in practice). While I try to have a sense of humor […]

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Friday Buffet

Not sure how I missed this awesome photo spread of refrigerator contents, but I’m just glad we’re together now. Bonus points to the first person to find the truly bizarre item inside one freezer (hint: eek!). — — Here’s a priveleged response to traylessness at Stanford (where trays are still available on request). In my opinion, […]

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Tale of the Pizza Sale

I’ve been somewhat critical of Whole Foods on certain topics, so here’s an opportunity to give credit where credit’s due. The other night I went there for a few slices of pizza, mostly because it was on sale for half-price during September. I hadn’t realized it, but it was pretty late. I became aware of […]

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