Wasted Food at the Movies

I’m torn here. Whip It looks like a pretty good flick and I’d probably go see it (if I had any time to see movies). Then again, it contains this horrible food fight.

image courtesy of flare via creative commonsNot surprisingly, I don’t love a food fight (in theory or in practice). While I try to have a sense of humor to food waste, I just don’t see the point here.

In my opinion, it’s not funny. Couldn’t the two leads just duke it out without the entire restaurant throwing food? Unless casting of comestibles furthers the character development of one of the “Hurl Scouts,” it seems entirely unnecessary. Am I the wet blanket here?

Drew Barrymore, the yeller of “Fooood Fiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!,” also directed the movie. Come on, Drew, you’re better than that. And, here’s to hoping you got that scene in one take.

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