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Leftover Times

There was an article on leftovers in Wednesday’s New York Times. While it was exciting to see a topic I’m so fond of discussed in that venue, I thought it was…an odd piece. With questionable examples used. Cheese-revoking is bad enough, but bread stealing as retribution?! Making a meal from scratch that’s intended to appear as […]

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Handy and Tasty

I recently came across Still Tasty, and I give it two thumbs up. The site provides a reference for how long food will stay both safe and, yes, tasty. In doing so, it strikes a nice balance between providing official information and realism. Their take on expiration dates is spot on. And the Keep it […]

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Small Wonder?

The Fancy Food Show occured in New York last week. While it’s hard to resist making snide comments about the event, it’s too easy a target and, besides, they donate their excess (fancy) food to City Harvest.  In addition to reporting the dual flavor trends of honey and blood orange, this Times article on the Show featured this quotation: […]

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Declare Your Independence from Food Waste

Happy 4th of July, y’all. On this day, I wanted to drop a quick reminder: Please do your best not to waste food while enjoying those oh-so-American activities. If you’re hosting a backyard cookout, that means planning how many guests you’re having, serving reasonable portions and saving leftovers. If you have an abundance at the end […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an intriguing idea for reducing waste: make it harder to throw stuff away. Designer Nadeem Haidary has created a trash can that tilts into a less-inviting angle the more it gets full. A less cool, but cheaper solution–don’t have a trash can in every room. — —  Bread for the City’s blog has a very interesting look […]

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