Declare Your Independence from Food Waste

Happy 4th of July, y’all. On this day, I wanted to drop a quick reminder: Please do your best not to waste food while enjoying those oh-so-American activities.

If you’re hosting a backyard cookout, photo by raysto via creative commonsthat means planning how many guests you’re having, serving reasonable portions and saving leftovers. If you have an abundance at the end of the day, send people home with doggie bags.

At a ballgame? Don’t waste so much food it brings flocks of seagulls.

If you’re at the beach, don’t drop your sandwich in the sand!

And since I can’t stop thinking about the ridiculous gluttony fest happening today on Coney Island, here’s a classic post on it. Incredibly and somewhat predictably, I still plan to enjoy some hot dogs this year. As always, I’ll do my best not to lose a wiener into the grill. 

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  1. Posted July 4, 2009 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    No waste today :) We’ll be grilling hot dogs and eating them all – LOL! But I confess to some pretty bad waste yesterday. About 8 months ago or more, we had purchased a case of “senior meals” with an Angel Food box. These are supposed to be delicious, ready-to-eat, low-sodium complete meals (protein, side dish/veg, dessert) that I thought would be great as quickie dinners on busy nights. We suffered through 4 of them (out of the 12 in the case), and they were horrible. Apparently the folks at AF took heed of all the complaints and have subcontracted with a different place to make better Senior Meals, but we haven’t bought anymore. And yesterday, to clear out the freezer, I finally caved and threw out the 8 we had left. I had thought I’d heat them all up and use parts of them in something else, but when push came to shove, I figured I should just cut my losses and toss rather than use the energy to heat them all and then end up throwing out a good portion anyway… But I still feel bad about it. Won’t be buying those anymore! Lean Cuisine frozen entres with coupons tastes much better and for a lot less $$ as it turns out.

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