Friday Buffet

In fruit recovery news…courtesty of veggie trader.comConcord, California’s Lemon Lady got some good press.

The Times had a solid piece on tree gleaning last month.

And I just found out about Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle, which specializes in tree fruit and whose site features a neat map of fruit trees gleaned.

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Ahh…Sweden. Each apartment in a development near Stockholm has a built-in receptacle for food waste, which is then sucked through underground tubes to be composted.

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The Chicago Tribune had a useful piece (with great sources!) on cutting food costs but not the flavor. Not surprisingly, the advice included not wasting food.

Not to be outdone, the Detroit Free Press provided advice on food storage. The journalist cites America’s 96 billion pounds of waste–the most recent figure we have. Yet, that’s from 1995 data that was published in 1997. Really USDA? You can’t provide us with an update?

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Here’s a fascinating look at school lunch in Ohio, which included this line on implementing new menu items:

The bottom line for any school food is this: If kids won’t eat it, a new choice is wasted money.

it’s telling that there’s no mention of wasted food. Also, I can’t believe the tomato sauce for dipping cheese-filled breadsticks counts as a vegetable. That just about says it all.

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