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Breaking News: UK Food Waste Study Released

The British semi-governmental, not-for-profit Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) released its long-anticipated food waste study today. The whole of Britain–the media and blogging parts, at least–is going wild. Here’s The Food We Waste, all 237 pages of it. A good first step would be reading the executive summary. It’ll take me a bit to […]

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Mapping Food Prices

There’s much discussion of rising food prices, but what does that really look like? Here’s a closeup. (Zoom in on the top portion.) Like usual, the story is a bit more complicated than it may appear. As we see in the illustration, the cost of food is increasing in many, but not all categories. The […]

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Loco for Leftovers

People often e-mail to ask how they can reduce their household food waste. One of the easiest ways is to save leftovers. Now, this only cuts waste if you actually eat those leftovers. I love leftovers, especially as the next day’s lunch, but many folks don’t. For you non-leftover lovers, ensuring that they’re consumed means […]

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The Misfits

If you’re like me, you could use a little help getting through your Tuesday. On that front, Weird Al never fails. Anyway, meet Violet, Gordon and the Gang of Misfit Fruits (and Veggies): Wow. We sure do love to anthropomorphize food, but they’re effective spokespeople. Also, isn’t it a bit odd that these fruits and […]

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Abu Dhabi Does Green

I’ve got some good news and some bad news about Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. First, the bad: Abu Dhabi’s resort buffets produce massive amounts of food waste. While this isn’t much different in Las Vegas or other buffet-laden destinations, it’s a problem. Without local food recovery groups, Abu Dhabi’s resort […]

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Friday Buffet

In food-waste-to-energy news: If the state of California processed all of its 5.9 million tons of food waste by anaerobic digestion, it would produce enough energy to power 75 percent of the Bay Area. This according to an East Bay Municipal Utility District study. — — Staying in California, The California bill to allow hotel […]

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No Tray Earth Day

The 109 schools listed below all went trayless on Earth Day (4/22). That means that they removed trays from at least one dining hall, cafe, student union or other food service venue to reduce the amount of food waste and energy and water usage. And these are just the Sodexo-supplied schools (well done!) that went […]

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