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NYT Reaction

As many of you know, The New York Times ran a piece Sunday on food waste. For my money, it provided a solid picture of the issue, and I’m not just saying that because I’m quoted in it. Heck, a couple items in the article were news to me. Sure, the article could have used […]

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Dish Wish: Don’t Fill It

Folks often ask me how they can avoid food waste at home. After I joke that they can stop buying brussels sprouts, I suggest they serve less food on each plate. (See The Weekly Waste Word category for more tips.)  That way, there’s a better chance diners won’t leave behind uneaten food, much of which isn’t saved. You can […]

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Friday Buffet

Food journalist extraordinaire Samuel Fromartz tells us that Las Vegas consumes more shrimp than the rest of the U.S. combined! That must be a sizable number, given Red Lobster’s inclinations. The Vegas tally: a not-so-shrimpy 60,000 pounds per day, or the weight of about three male Asian elephants. I wonder what percent of the shrimp […]

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Vermiculture Club

Vermicomposters, put yourself on the map–literally! Oakland’s Steven Chow recently found out about vermiculture, or composting with worms, and set up a worm bin at his home. Steven launched the site to see who else was worm binning. Based on the site, plenty of people–156 as of this posting. The site also features a forum […]

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Swift Solution to UK Food Waste

Who says humor and food waste can’t be in the same sentence? While the news that Britain wastes about a third of its food is no laughing matter, this bit of satire on the topic is just that. I think you’ll find the piece a modest proposal for solving Britain’s food waste woes. Note how […]

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Labor Down, Waste Up

As bemoaned in this editorial, immigration law in Colorado leads to food waste by reducing the number of workers. When there aren’t enough laborers, or “pickers”, the harvest is often squandered (unless it’s not a great year). Commercial orchards resemble the scene underneath your neighbor’s fig tree, as apples, pears, peaches, etc. “go to ground.” […]

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Homemade Toppings

There’s some saying about necessity…mother of all invention, or something. Well this weekend the need to use up some mushrooms gave birth to a new idea in my house–takeout pizza, homemade toppings. I baked the mushrooms in my handy toaster oven to emulate the pizza parlor’s handiwork and they were ready by the time the […]

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A Little Housekeeping…

As you’ve hopefully noticed, I’ve spruced up the site a bit. Most notably, there’s a new header design expertly crafted by Ryan Arceneaux. In addition to a few other aesthetic changes, I’ve added a mailing list signup on the sidebar. Those shrewd enough to join the list will receive a monthly roundup and special notifications […]

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From Students to Shelters

At schools across the nation, college students are graduating this weekend. In Logan, Utah, that means it’s time for a food drive. Huh? Logan is home to Utah State University and more importantly, many student apartments. Knowing that students moving out will leave behind plenty of good food, Logan’s Environmental Department decided to collect non-perishable food from […]

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Friday Buffet

Mandatory food waste recycling in San Francisco? It has been voluntary for a few years (using green bins like this minature on the right), but if Mayor Gavin Newsom’s plan is accepted, separation of household food scraps will be required. Seattle has already committed to that course of action by 2009. — — Here are […]

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