Friday Buffet: Campus Report

Don’t look now but “trayless” dining is really taking off. On Earth Day, 300 colleges with Sodexo (they’ve dropped the ‘h’) foodservice went without trays. That means I’ll be plenty busy updating my Trayless tab.

The press release (and company blog entry) provided the first estimate of the water savings trayless dining brings–200 gallons conserved for every 1,000 meals. Considering most schools serve more than that number of meals daily, that’s no mere drop in the bucket, so to speak.

More recently, ARAMARK e-mailed me this bombshell: “It is our hope that all of our schools in the southeast region go tray-less by Fall 2008” — Jim Ludwiczak, Regional Vice-President, Southeast Region, ARAMARK Higher Education.


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Here’s a nice editorial from Rowan University’s student newspaper about not wasting food. And–surprise!–it doesn’t even mention trays.

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It’s not specifically related to food waste, but the low carbon diet is another sustainable dining measure taking off at colleges.

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