Pakistani Bliss?

photo by phxpma (via Flickr)As I learned in this post on All Things Pakistan, there’s a great deal of food waste at Pakistani weddings. This isn’t shocking, nor is it much different in the U.S., but the post provides some food for thought.

In what will be familiar to anyone who has planned a wedding or large event, Syed Ahsan Ali discusses preparing for a 250 to 300 person affair:

The prevailing opinion is that you have to feed them well if you want to be remembered as good hosts…The way food is eaten and wasted in our weddings is an eye opener because extra food has to be prepared to make sure every one is well fed inspite of their expected wastage.

Of course, there are some cultural differences. Talk about heightened expectations!

Adding to this is the disturbing trend of preparing 15, 20 or even 25 dishes for a wedding dinner. Consequently people love to taste everything and in that process leave most of the dishes wasted because either they don’t like it or something else catches their attention.

The post combines compelling reading with an inspired illustration choice. That photographer sure knows his subject…

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