Friday Buffet

For your listening pleasure, check out this discussion of food waste on BBC/Radio 4’s The Food Programme.

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If college food waste is caused partly by students not liking the choices, will a student menu rating Web site help? Middlebury College will see.

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This Subaru plant in Indiana is a “zero-waste” facility. Among other green practices,Zero, by Leo Reynolds (via Flickr) Subaru sends its cafeteria food waste to a facility that converts it to energy.

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Speaking of “zero-waste,” it’s Zero Waste Week in the UK.

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Red tape caused tons of food to rot at the Haitian port of Cap Haitien. In one example, the delays turned 40,000 pounds of beans from one shipping container into a cockroach feast.

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As a former history major and current foodster, I’m digging “Food Fight,” a video history of warfare from World War II to the present…using representational food items. The moral of the story–war’s a mess.

I suppose if you’re going to waste food, you may as well make art with it.

UPDATE (3.17.08): As this post indicates, the film’s food was not wasted. Even more reason to enjoy “Food Fight!”

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