Surrey Cites Waste

photo courtesy of Surrey CouncilAccording to the BBC, this man dressed as a waiter has been visiting “iconic” Surrey sights with a silver tray of food meant to represent how much the average Surrey household wastes in a week. That would be 57 pounds.

It’s a worthy way to bring attention to a topic that, outside of this site, doesn’t get tons of attention. But I’m pretty sure that’s not 57 pounds of food on the waiter’s tray, or salver

And just what are the famous Surrey sights? I’m glad you asked. There’s the Devils Punch Bowl and Runnymeade is where the Magna Carta is thought to have been signed. The Dursleys, of Harry Potter fame, live in the fictitious Surrey village Little Whinging. Pretty sure the waiter won’t be visiting that site, though. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that Surrey’s home to the town of Dorking. On a more serious note (sorry, Dorks), Surrey’s County Council is taking aim at food waste and providing some helpful tips for making leftovers last.

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