Friday Buffet

Not sure how I missed these Plates and bowls from food waste! It’s a neat use for peels and scraps, but I’m not sure I’d want my dinnerware “imparting” smells on my food.Mitt Romney

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In honor of Mitt Romney: even Brigham Young despised food waste

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On the surface, this story of a Japanese McDonald’s using expired products in salads is a simple story. It has some interesting details, though.  

[Japan’s McDonald’s Holdings Chief Executive Eiko Harada] said the salads did not pose a health risk or violate the law, but broke McDonald’s policy of selling food within 12 hours of preparation. The staff falsified the labels because they thought dumping the food “was a waste,” Harada said.

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carrot recorderFinally, I’m not even sure what to say about the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. I coud play the curmudgeon and say it’s a waste of produce. But check out the Austrian group’s answer, from their Web site, to what happens to the vegetables:

Part of the vegetables which are left over after preparing the instruments go into the vegetable soup which is served to the audience after the concert. Part of the instruments and other remaining vegetables we give to the audience after the concert. And another part goes into the organic waste.  

Soup and a show, can’t beat that!

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