Give by Giving

As we’ve heard lately, times are tough for food banks. Diminished government funding and private donations have left most food banks struggling to meet client demand.

photo by mag3737 (via flickr)In New York, City Harvest has responded with a Million Pound Pledge to add that much food to its regular collection. Essentially, they’ve asked donors to step up, as described in this radio piece.

I’m asking you to do the same. If you’ve already donated to your local food bank or food recovery organization, great. Since I know you have plenty of worthy donation options/obligations, I have a deal for you: help feed hungry people by shopping at

When you start your Amazon purchase from here or the box in the sidebar, 4 percent of the purchase amount comes to the Wasted Food Finance Center. I’ll match the amount received from now through January 1 and write a check to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, a local food recovery organization.

Whaddya say, folks? Unless you’re one of those annoyingly organized people (I’m jealous), you know you’ve got some shopping left to do…  

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