Friday Buffet

From Kansas City to Washington, food scrap collection is progressing. The King County (Seattle area) food waste Web site is filled with useful tips and facts like:

The average single-family household in King County throws away 45 pounds of food scraps every month.

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 Years ago, you left your heart in San Francisco. Today, you can leave your waste cooking oil. San Francisco is collecting restaurants’ used oil to fuel city vehicles.

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We’re in the middle of prime waste producing season. According to this article, we make 25 percent more waste from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. And that’s not counting junky gifts that just collect dust. Given the increase, let’s try our best not to increase food waste.

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Cruise ships’ dumping organics like food waste in the ocean is starting to gather attention. At present, ships of certain size are allowed to do so between 12 and 25 miles from shore.

Recently, Caribbean nations and Persian Gulf states have discussed the practice. I don’t know much, but I know dumping massive amounts of anything in the ocean sounds like a bad idea.

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