Friday Buffet

Just down the road from Wasted Food HQ, they’re doing some nice work recycling food waste at UNC Chapel Hill. Now if they could only waste less…

Increased food recycling isn’t necessarily a good thing. Getting students to not take more food than they eat is difficult but important work.

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Hey parents, here’s a no cost, low-tech way to avoid food waste–what could be better?!

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Conventions held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center now have zero food service waste.

Catering by SMG donates a large portion of the Moscone’s unused food to community services such as Food Runners and Glide Memorial Church. All of Moscone’s kitchen-generated food waste is separated for composting.

On a similar note, the Public Relations Society of America is setting a positive example at their upcoming awards ceremony by donating all excess food to Portland, Ore., food recovery agencies. Man, those guys sure know how to get the word out! I wonder who does their publicity.

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Did you know California intends to produce zero trash by 2030? I guess they plan to stop making movies in Hollywood, then.

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If you’re looking for tips on avoiding waste, this post isn’t the ‘worse’ I’ve ever seen.

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