Friday Buffet

For the person who needs more kitchen junk: To avoid waste transferring items from cutting board to saute pan, this board folds to form a funnel. Or you can wash the things that fall on the floor. Or adhere to the five-second rule.

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Hosts of the new Kiwi TV show WA$TED! dig through people’s trash and provide insight from their findings. Not bad, considering there are only five channels in New Zealand. Think this could this fly on US television? Nah. Let’s just go with another forensics show.

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While dumping from small ships like these won't do much harm, what happens when bigger ones dump food waste and sewage overboard?And I thought all food waste news coming out of Canada was positive! In case you were crazy enough to swim in the Canadian Arctic, you may want to reconsider. The Canadian navy just announced it will be littering its waters with food waste and sewage.  

Hey boys, how about an on-deck digester?

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I’m not judging religious practices, but find it interesting that, apparently, Ramadan causes a fair amount of waste (at least in Egypt):

“The fridge has to be full before the month starts.” Some of the food might well go to waste, [Ali El-Sheikh] admits. “But it’s a habit one cannot break, even if it’s no longer very practical. Besides, my wife and her acquaintances are very competitive about what they purchase and she needs to be able to show off. Now I can’t argue with that, can I?” El-Sheikh giggles.

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