Friday Buffet

This woman is keeping track of the food she’s throwing out in her Chucked Grub Diary. While she feeds a lot of the food to her chickens (a sound move), you and I can take note of how much food waste the average person makes.  

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 The Diet Pulpit provides an interesting perspective; I’d never conceived of wasted food in this way:

I wanted my money’s worth so a buffet was always the best for the dollar.  But if the food is being “wasted” in my body by becoming fat, it really isn’t the best value for my money.  I might as well be flushing the cash down the toilet.mule deer

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Filed under ‘I can’t believe I write about this:’ Budget cuts in Wisconsin mean more deer meat will be wasted.  

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And on a completely unserious note, The Onion reports that the FDA has approved seconds. There you have it–no more excuses for wasting any food on your plate.


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